Dixie Auto Parts
525 Hwy 72 W
Athens, AL

Service Description

Dixie Auto Parts Service Center


Our labor rate is $85 per hour plus parts.

There will be a $7 environmental fee added to each unit repaired.

Pick up and delivery is $65 round trip within a 20 mile radius.

Full Service Includes:

  • Replace engine oil and oil filter
  • Replace air filter and pre-cleaner
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Sharpen blades
  • Gauge tires
  • Level deck
  • Grease unit
  • Inspect unit for further issues

Optional Services:

  • Replace hydraulic oil and filter(s) (IF APPLICABLE)


Full Service Trimmers/Blower/Chainsaws/Walk Mowers/Tillers


Full Service Riding Mowers


Full Service Residential Zero Turn


Full Service Toro Timecutter/Timecutter HD/Titan


Full Service Toro Timecutter/Timecutter HD/Titan with Hydraulic Service


Full Service Toro Titan HD/Z Master


Full Service Toro Titan HD/Z Master with Hydraulic Service


Chain Sharpening

$7 each off the saw

$9 each on the saw

Blade Sharpening

$7 each off the mower

$10 each on the mower

Tire Mounting/Tube Installation$20 each plus price of tires and tubes


-Price does not include tax.

-Price does not include replacement of blades.

-Price does not include battery replacement.

-Price does not include excessive cleaning under the deck to get to defective parts.

-Price does not include cleaning the carburetor.

-Estimates may vary within 10 percent.